Ocean & Underwater Photography

I first fell in love with photography at the age of 7 when I would take snaps on my little film camera during the school holidays. Having spent my childhood near the sea, I grew a strong appreciation for the ocean. My passion for underwater photography started when I saw the incredible images captured by local photographer Craig Parry. His amazing surf images catapulted surf photography to the top of my mind.

By the time I was 20, I had been lucky enough to play around with some cheaper waterproof cameras but hadn't really invested much time towards the hobby. I bit the bullet and bought a surf housing for my Canon DSLR. That camera and housing served me well for a long time. It's been with me with racing humpback whales, mating turtles and dancing manta rays. I've been hooked ever since.

Oceanity is my photography brand and if you're looking for my photography you'll find downloads, prints and articles over on Oceanity's website at the link below.

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Patience, Practise and Timing

I really love taking photos of the ocean. It's extremely challenging but also infinitely rewarding. Hours of patience and practise go into every shot. You have to know your camera, pay attention to the light, understand the wildlife, position yourself and still find the right moment to focus and take your shot. It's a game of millimeters, milliseconds and breath control. Every experience is a wonder and my underwater photography brings me a great amount of joy, I can only hope you see it too.