Panic Chess - The Realtime Chess Game

Panic Chess is a realtime chess game with no turns. Players can move as many pieces as they want without waiting for the other player to make a move. It changes the dynamics of Chess in an interesting way. You still have to make smart chess moves, just very quickly. Try to take the advantage over your opponent before they can win the upperhand.

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About Panic Chess

Is chess too relaxing for you? Your opponents too slow? That's perfect, because nobody would say that about Panic Chess.

Don't wait patiently for your opponent to have their turn. Move as many pieces as you want at once. The faster, the better.

With Panic Chess, there's no turns, no waiting and no time to think. It's all realtime. Move now or be obliterated by your opponent. Have a strategy if you want, you'll find it only slows you down.

The perfect move is useless if it comes a second too late.


  • Pieces have to recharge after moving. Don't plan on one piece doing everything.
  • No shortcuts. Friendly pieces bounce off each other.
  • Promote your pawns to Queens or Knights by reaching the end of the board – if you can.
  • Special moves like castling and en passant are A-okay

Single Play vs AI

  • Different difficulties to match your ability.
  • No fluffing around. Want to play a game? You're in.

Online Multiplayer

  • Play against people from all over the world.
  • Invite a friend or matchmake against anyone.

History and Statistics

  • View your game history and view the final board.
  • Keep track of your win percentages, piece kill/death ratio and promotions.
  • View your Head-to-Head stats against your friends to see how you stack up.

Game Center

  • Achievements. Think you're good? Try winning a match without losing a piece.
  • Leaderboards. See where you rank on the weekly.

Cloud Enabled

  • Your game progress sync to all your devices through iCloud.

No Data Collection

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