Web & Mobile Apps

I've been building apps for iOS for over 10 years. Working primarily as a freelancer, I've built apps across many business sectors including marketing, tourism, banking and education. On this page, you'll find a collection of my current personal apps available on the App Store.

I'm also a skilled web developer with experience across the full stack of web development including design, front-end, back-end, API implementation and automation.

Fitness Age

Fitness Age is a free fitness tracking app that helps you understand your cardio fitness better. Built to work with the Apple Health app on your iPhone and Apple Watch, Fitness Age uses your cardio fitness scores to calculate your fitness age, relative age and percentile. This helps you track your progress and see how you compare to other people your age.

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Panic Chess - The Realtime Chess Game

Panic Chess is a realtime chess game with no turns. Players can move as many pieces as they want without waiting for the other player to make a move. It changes the dynamics of Chess in an interesting way. You still have to make smart chess moves, just very quickly. Try to take the advantage over your opponent before they can win the upperhand.

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